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Anta Cut Lampada da tavolo
72 h
PVC*€ 272,- 10 % € 245,-
Anta Cut Lampada da terra con dimmer tattile
72 h
PVC*€ 458,- 10 % € 412,-
Anta Afra Lampada da terra
48 h-4 gg
PVC*€ 910,- 10 % € 819,-
Anta Paralume di ricambio per Cut Lampada da terra
72 h
€ 56,-
Anta Paralume di ricambio per Cut Lampada da tavolo
72 h
€ 46,-
Anta Cut Lampada da terra con dimmer su cavo
4 sett
PVC*€ 425,- 10 % € 383,-
Anta Afra Lampada da tavolo
4 sett
PVC*€ 748,- 10 % € 674,-
Anta Afra Lampada a sospensione LED
4 sett
PVC*€ 666,- 10 % € 599,-
Anta Afra Lampada da terra LED
4 sett
PVC*€ 974,- 10 % € 877,-
La vostra selezione:   
9 risultato(i)

Small lights, but great expressiveness – Anta lighting

The head office of the german lighting manufacturer Anta is located in Hamburg Schenefeld. Since 25 years, the company produces lighting ideas for living areas. Meanwhile, the Hanseatics belong to the most successful producers of lights and lamps in Europe.

Anta perceives light as a means of expression and manages to create different moods and sentiments with its lights. The focus lies on the extraordinary quality of light of the well-designed lighting fixtures. So, a discreet wall light for stairs and corridors has the same pleasant light dynamic as a pendant light or a floor lamp. According to the place of application and purpose, lighting intensity, amount of light and light colour vary. Thus Anita creates individual lighting conditions for special requirements.

Reduced design meets creative modelling

Moreover, anta lighting stands for appealing modelling and excellent quality. In this regard, the design lamps present themselves with a minimal design and an appearance that is reduced to the essential. As small as possible and reduced to the maximum. The designers of Anta work according this principle. And the success proves them right. The result is a comprehensive product catalogue with a diverse range of lights for business and private rooms. Here you can find straight lighting objects with sober, puristic charisma as well as small, self-contained, art works. In spite of their low-key shape, Anta lights are enrichment for the room.

The Nordic expert on lights works together with a selected team of known and less-known designers to implement his ideas. Names such as Hadi Teherani, Jörg Zeidler, Torsten Neeland or Andreas Ostwald belong to the creative heads of the company. The pendant light by Jörg Zeidler is a good example for the frugal, fascinating aesthetics of the lights. The lighting housing of the Anta Nil is reminiscent of an easily folded piece of paper and consists just of solid, bended aluminium. But the lamps can also come without ornament and embellishment. Even so they always look elegant and noble. Looking at the floor lamp Anta Afra and the table and floor lamp Anta Cut, you see well-done combinations of classic forms and modernity. Here you can see in an impressing way, how the challenge to unite actually contrary styles has been mastered brilliantly.

A further secret of the success of the Hanseatics are the selected materials. Raw materials of wood, glass or metal are processed diligently and combined with state-of-the-art technology. So Anta presents a whole range of design lights with innovative LED technology. Halogen lamps and energy saving lights belong to the standard equipment of the creations. That makes the lights of this company very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Besides, sophisticated technology together with the robust base material ensures a long life of the products. The special charm of the lights lies in the fact that they serve as eye catchers both when they are switched in and off. Each Anta design lamp has its own special appeal. It is fascinating to observe how the atmosphere of the lamps changes, depending on the light being integrated or not as a means of expression. The successful interplay between form and light makes Anta to a real gem in the room. Unobtrusive, clear and real in its statement.

Lights made by Anta stand out because they excel in high quality, low-key shaping and their pleasant light dynamics.

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